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Quick Glance at World's 7 New Wonders

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  • 7 New Wonders


    You must be eager to know about the seven new wonders of the world. More than one hundred million internet users voted and selected the world’s wonders. At Rio de Janeiro, Christ the Redeemer, the spectacular statue of Lord Jesus standing almost 38 meters above the Mt. Corcovado, is enlisted. The Great Wall in China, spreading up to four thousand miles, is the longest structure built by the mankind and is the new wonder of the world.  In India, Taj Mahal, the spectacular mausoleum built by Shah Jahan, is a wonderful art work of Mughal era. The word Rome conjures up the picture of Colosseum. It is a vast elliptical structure that has a huge seating arrangement for 5000 audiences. Till date its design has inspired the architecture of amphitheaters of modern times.

    The next wonder is Petra, the capital city of the Nabatean ruler King Aretas IV. Water chamber, tunnels and monasteries are major attractions. Constructed by Inca monarchs, Peru’s MachuPicchu, the wonderful city, is situatedhalfway on the stunning Andes Plateau and also spread to the amazing Amazon forest. Have you heard of Chichen Itza Pyramid in Yucatan Peninsula? Its name also has entered the list of new wonders of the word. The temple city, Chichen Itza was a political center of Mayan civilization. It boasts of its Chac Mool Temple, Kukulkan Pyramid, the wonderful specimens of spectacular artwork as well as sculpture.

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